When you choose insulation for a new or
existing home you will find many alternative
products available. You must sort through
confusing and conflicting claims to find the
right insulation material.
When you know all the facts, however,
you’ll find that one insulation material stands
out from the rest. CELLULOSE! It’s the
insulation you will want in your home. It’s
best because...
...CELLULOSE insulates better. It not only offers
more heat transfer resistance per inch than
other fiber insulation materials, it also seals
the home against air infiltration better than
other fiber insulations.
...CELLULOSE insulation productively recycles a
waste product that presents communities with
a serious disposal problem.
...CELLULOSE insulation saves more energy
when the energy required to make the material
-- "embodied energy" -- is figured into total
energy savings.
...CELLULOSE insulation makes homes safer by
slowing the spread of fire.
...CELLULOSE insulation makes efficient use of
natural resources.

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